Milkless French Raisin Bread Toast and Super Salad at Scarantinos

In This Post Milkless French Rasin Bread Toast Super Salad at Scarantinos I love it when I discover new ways of making things. My friend John, who was Chef at Birds in Hollywood in the 1990’s, brought me some wonderful raisin bread a few days ago. This was interesting bread in that it was thick, crusty – almost like a sour dough. Milkless French Raisin Toast I got the bread out, and I got eggs out, and then I looked in my refrigerator and realized I did not have any milk. No problem, I thought. So, I got a bowl and put some cinnamon and sugar in it, and I got an iron skillet and melted butter in that. Then I took each slice of bread and dipped it in the sugar/cinnamon mixture, and put them in the butter. I let them absorb some of the butter, then took them … Continue reading