International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Give Me t’ Good Plate, Mate

International Talk Like a Pirate Day
International Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th. I think it’s a fun thing to do and a good way to get kids interested in history.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

The holiday was created in 1995 by John Baur and Mark Summers, two friends who were playing racquetball and decided to inject some fun into their game by talking like pirates. They soon declared September 19th as International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the holiday has since gained a cult following.

People often dress up in pirate costumes, talk like pirates, and engage in activities such as treasure hunts, rum drinking, and pirate-themed parties. Businesses also often participate in the holiday by offering special pirate-themed promotions, and schools sometimes incorporate pirate-themed lessons and activities into their curriculum.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a playful holiday that provides a fun escape from the daily grind and allows people to let their inner pirate run wild. So grab your eye patch, hoist your Jolly Roger, and join in the fun on September 19th!

Before Ye Go Off the Plank

You can never go wrong with this appetizer, and please don’t wait for Halloween to make it.  It’s great for any get together.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (Dead Men’s Fingers)
Bacon-wrapped brown sugar hotdogs, or Dead Men's Fingers, are the easiest appetizer you will ever make. Just put it in the crock pot and forget them until serving time.
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Bacon wrapped brown sugar hotdogs

Cream cheese and gorgonzola make this cheese ball a hit.

Skull Cheese Ball
Ahoy, mateys! Grab your cutlasses and a bite of Skull Cheeseball. Avast, ye landlubbers, for this treasure, your crew will say "Arrr!"
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These fruit boat appetizers look great on a pretty plate, are tasty and good for you.

Fruit Boats
These fruit boats are easy to make, healthy and pleasing to the eye.
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You can think of these little “boats” as upside-down deviled eggs!

Cucumber Boats
These are great any time snacks and look lovely on an appetizer table.
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Cucumber boats

The Main Meal, Mate

Serve these meatballs with rice and a nice salad.  You can also have them as an appetizer.

Caribbean Meat Balls
These make a great appetizer any time. Don’t wait for a pirate party!
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Yer Just Desserts!

An amazing cake that will serve a lot of yer mates. Don’t try to fire the cannonballs, though.  Those go in yer mouth!

Black Chocolate Cake with Black Ganache and Marzipan Jolly Roger
This is actually an amazing cake. It is very rich, so it will feed a lot of people.
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Jolly Roger Black Cake
Cannon Balls
Serve these cannonballs with your Jolly Roger cake or by themselves
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Cannon Ball Rum Balls

And To Drink, I Prey Ye!

If you are serving this to adults, by all means, use the best rum you can find.
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Want more information on International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Here’s information on piracy at Wikipedia.

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