Gingerbread Fortress Bundt Cake

Gingerbread Fortress Bundt Cake
Gingerbread Fortress Bundt Cake with Nativity and Santa on his Way

A Great Alternative to Gingerbread Houses

For years, I have been thinking about making a gingerbread house.  When I was growing up in Germany, the bakery downstairs had an amazing nativity set in their display window.  All people and animals were made from marzipan, the buildings were made of gingerbread, and the snow was spun sugar.  It must have taken them days to make it all.  My mother would get me a marzipan apple if I was really good.

A few years ago, at a garage sale, I found a castle shaped Nordicware bundt pan.  It languished on my shelf until I had the brilliant idea to use it to make a gingerbread cake. There is no need to assemble anything, so no need to make royal icing.  Piped buttercream works perfectly.  This cake tastes better if it can sit for a day without being disturbed.

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