Equipment I Use in my Own Kitchen

Everything on this page is what I have in my own home. I have personally used all this equipment and put these items through their paces.  They have all done an exemplary job at what they were built to do. I am a firm believer in using the right tool for the job.

The following are the items I use most in my kitchen, not in any particular order.

Do I get a commission on this if you buy some of this equipment?  Yes, I do, but it’s not a whole bunch of money.  You’re not going to see my flying a private plane based on my earnings here.  This is really just enough really to pay for a cup of coffee while I share recipes I love with you.

Equipment in my prep area with my KitchenAid mixer and my Braun food processor, plus a plethora of cutting boards.
Equipment in my prep area

The small appliances I use the most are the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and the Braun Food Processor. Yes, sometimes I use both. I might grind meat using the KitchenAid, then puree onions in the food processor, mix it all together, and put it in a small Nesco roaster to make the perfect meatloaf

You really want to make sure that foods are at the right temperature to ensure thorough cooking. For poultry, remove it from the oven at 160 and residual cooking will get it to the proper temperature, 165. For beef, it depends on the cut. Steak can go from raw to overcooked in the blink of an eye, so it’s even more important to watch using a good Instant-Read Thermometer.

We want to keep things fresh. What’s the one thing that is really difficult to keep fresh and green? Avocado! They don’t lay flat and keeping oxygen out is almost impossible. Do you know what works? A vacuum sealer! So now you won’t have to throw that half an avocado away. Keep it to put in guacamole.

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