Il Buon Piatto – An Italian Inspired Menu

Italian Inspired MenuWe love Italian food. Italian food uses fresh ingredients. It is simple to make, yet has complex flavors.

There are a variety of wines you can serve with this dinner.  You might want to start with red wine before dinner, and a white with the actual dinner itself.

Serve the dessert with some fresh fruit and coffee in demi-tasse cups.  Enjoy!



You can’t get much simpler than stuffed mushrooms.  Try to get the big ones when you go to the market.

Stuffed Mushrooms in Wine Sauce
These make a good simple meatless dinner with a salad or appetizers.
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Stuffed Mushrooms in Wine Sauce

Next, comes a nice soup.  You can omit the sausage if you are going to serve this as a soup course and not the main course. This is really a must-have for your Italian inspired menu.

Pasta Fagioli Soup
The famous soup from the movies!
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Main Course

Do you like Italian sausage on your pizza?  This pork dish will remind you of that sausage. Have it with risotto and salad. It goes well with a dry white wine.

Italian Pork Chops
These pork chops will remind you of good Italian sausage. Risotto, green beans, and a nice white wine are a good accompaniment.
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Risotto with Mushrooms and Saffron
This creamy side dish goes with a variety of foods.
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Artichoke, Avocado and Shaved Parmesan Composed Salad
Artichoke, Avocado, and Shaved Parmesan Composed Salad
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Dessert Course

For dessert, you can’t get much better than this Lemon Jello cake.  It’s light and easy after a full meal.

Glazed Lemon Jello Cake
This is my take on my grandmother's Lemon Jello Cake
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Time to Say Good-Bye

Please make sure there is a designated driver, an Uber or Lyft, or have your guests stay the night.

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