Adrienne Boswell, Amazon Vine Reviewer
Adrienne Boswell – Amazon Vine Reviewer

Product Reviews

As an Amazon Vine reviewer, I will give honest reviews of items I choose that I think will be helpful to you in your kitchen. The review will include pros and cons, pictures, and a video describing how to use the product. If there are links to the product, I may receive a small commission should you purchase it. I will also include links to any recipes which use the product to give you some idea of where you can use it.

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Reasons to Trust My Product Reviews

I promise to give my honest opinion of Amazon products. I promise to be as complete and thorough as possible. I promise to try to provide enough content to so that you will not have any questions and can buy a product with confidence.

Adrienne Boswell

When I was a enumerator for the United States 2020 cencus, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I took that oath very seriously, and I take my oath to you, very seriously as well.

  1. I don’t get paid for doing this. My compensation consists of the product itself and I am taxed based on the fair market value of the product. So I am not getting any monetary incentives.
  2. The fair market value of the products I receive are reported to the IRS as income. Income is a wonderful thing, especially if it’s in cash. When income is in goods, it’s not quite as convenient.
  3. Why did I want to be an Amazon Vine reviewer? When I’m looking for products and services, the first thing I do is check the most recent reviews. Other people’s opinions are a good way of judging a product or service before you buy it. I want you to be able to buy things with confidence based on my views and observations.

What to Consider when Looking at Products

We’ve all seen them before. The very short reviews with 5 stars that say “It arrived”, or “Good”. I’m sorry, but if a product has mostly those kinds of reviews, I say, steer very clear. If a product doesn’t have any questions but has five stars and no reviews, that’s an indicator to me that something is off. I also recommend sorting reviews by Most Recent. Sometimes, those are indicative of products breaking too quickly or the quality not being up to par.

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