Welcome to The Good Plate’s Tiny Kitchen

Adrienne BoswellWelcome to my kitchen. You may have wondered what my kitchen looks like when you peruse the recipes here.  Well, this is the kitchen where everything is prepared. My kitchen is tiny, so tiny that the refrigerator door and oven door cannot be opened at the same time. I have very little storage. I had to improvise.

Luckily, my good friend, who was a wedding coordinator, had wooden crates she had painted and decorated. The bride didn’t want them, and she didn’t want them, but I saw a lot of storage possibilities. My dining area has become part of my kitchen, almost into my living room.

The Tiny Kitchen Crates


Welcome to The Good Plate's Tiny Kitchen

The end of the crates almost in the living room

These crates hold my vintage Organdie Vernonware dishes. These dishes are older than I am. I think they look lovely in their yellow crate.  These are the same dishes that make up the logo of The Good Plate.

Microwave, Nesco roaster oven, and baking supplies. The stacked jars have frequently used spices in them.

My Microwave, Nesco roaster oven, and baking supplies. 

I keep my most frequently used spices in preserve jars in this crate. The famous Nesco Roaster that brings us the holiday turkey, ham, ribs, and other tasty foods sit beside it. Here is a list of recipes for the Nesco electric roaster.

What’s on the Counters?

The new rotisserie air fryer and my stovetop.

My Air-Fryer and Stove Top

The new GoWise 12 1/2-quart rotisserie air-fryer toaster oven is absolutely amazing. I can cook a lot of things I would typically do in the oven without turning my kitchen into an inferno for the rest of the day.

Prep area with my KitchenAid mixer and my Braun food processor, plus a plethora of cutting boards.

My Prep Area 

The Prep area with my KitchenAid mixer and my Braun food processor, plus a plethora of cutting boards, is where everything happens. That’s why there are so many cutting boards. My prep bowls are in the cupboard above, and a drawer under the counter has a lot of kitchen tools, including my bench scraper.

Plating area, my Instant Pot, vacuum sealer, and bread box live here.

Plating area, my Instant Pot, vacuum sealer, and bread box live here.

If you are an appliance and you live on the counter, you must be critical and frequently used. My Instant Pot does a lot of jobs, and the Nesco vacuum sealer is great for keeping foods safe in the freezer plus preparing them for the sous vide immersion cooker. Yes, that’s Mexican sugar – it has a little molasses which gives it a slight caramel flavor that I find superior to conventional white sugar.

Her Most High Royal Empress of All the Toritudes, Chloe

Breakfast crate

Breakfast crate with Chloe

The Breakfast crate is where the coffee, French press, espresso pot, toaster, cookie jar, and other dry good canisters are kept. It’s also the cabinet where we keep the cat food. That’s Chloe hoping I’ll open the drawer for her. I didn’t.

My Penzey's collection

My Penzey’s collection

My Penzey’s collection. I want to keep them away from heat and light, so they live on these shelves we just installed two days ago.

And finally, a shot of my kitchen sink where you can see just how tiny my kitchen is.

tiny kitchen

My kitchen window

My refrigerator has cheat sheets for the Instant Pot, the air fryer, and the sous vide. I also have my monthly menu so I can see what I’m supposed to be making.

It’s not a perfect kitchen, but I like my neighborhood, so I’m staying and just have to be creative.

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