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The Good Plate Wings CookbookCookbooks For Your Bookcase

The What’s Cookin’? Something Good newsletter has a cookbook recommendation every month. I thought I might archive the cookbooks here for you so you don’t have to go hunting the newsletters for them. I may get a wee bit of compensation if you buy one of these books.

The Good Plate Wings cookbook was a starter book e-book and is available at Barnes and Noble and other fine booksellers.  Look for more books soon.

The Mafia Cookbook

I didn’t come up with the Pasta Fagioli Soup myself.  I adapted it from The Mafia Cookbook by Joe Dogs.  It’s a little book, but full of interesting stories and delicious recipes. The Mafia Cookbook

The Art of Pie

If you have ever been pie challenged, then this is the book for you. Make this book your “Pie Bible”. For experienced and novice bakers alike you can’t get better than The Art of Pie.
The Art of Pie Cookbook

Food 52 Genius Recipes

When I want to find a good recipe I haven’t tried, I usually look to the Food 52 Genius Recipes. There is great stuff in here, for the novice to the experienced cook. It’s available in hardcover or eBook. Enjoy!
Genius 52 Cookbook

Art of Mexican Cooking

Diana Kennedy is the quintessential author of cookbooks for Mexican cuisine. After 9 books, at 97 years old, she still cooks in her kitchen in Michoacán. Want good guacamole? Look here. Ole!
Diana Kennedy Mexican Cookbook

Home Preserving

Home Preserving can be so much fun and is quite rewarding. Not only that, but you also save money and know exactly what’s going into the food you are eating. It’s a wonderful thing to pick out a jar of a summer favorite in the middle of the cold winter.
Home Preserving Cookbook

The Way to Cook

Julia Child’s birthday is on August 15th. Make something to celebrate this master chef’s birthday. Julia Child started teaching home cooks The Way to Cook on television on Boston’s PBS station, and has inspired chef’s, books, movies, and even Saturday Night Live!
Julia Child Cookbook

Golden Girls Cookbook

I couldn’t wait for this The Golden Girls Cookbook to come out! I’ve already pre-ordered mine and I’m glad I did. I am looking forward to making some of Sophia’s wonderful Italian dishes – and some of that cheesecake the girls were always sitting around eating.

The Golden Girls Cookbook

Harry Potter Spell Book

Well, it might not have traditional recipes, but it is the unofficial ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook. I do believe that if you truly want something, you can make it happen. Realize there is a lot of power in your words. Be careful what you wish for.
Harry Potter Spellbook

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