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The Good Plate Kitchen

The Good Plate was started back in 2008 when I decided that I was tired of going to the store and not being able to get to my recipes. I thought if I made a little recipe blog I could search for my own recipes.

What Started The Good Plate

When I was just out of high school, I was about to put a burger pattie in a screaming hot cast iron pan when my roommate asked me, “Does everything you do always have to be gourmet?” I didn’t have to think about it for even a nano-second and said “Yes. If I can make something as well as a restaurant does, without spending a lot of money, why not?” That has been the philosophy of The Good Plate from day one. When you are a single mother, money can be tight. But, just because you’re not swimming in cash, you don’t have to sacrifice. Following a few steps, you can have restaurant-quality food on your table, too.

Talking about ancient technology, I had all my recipes in an ancient DOS program, Meal-Master by Episoft. Not satisfied staying with old operating systems, I had upgraded my Windows computer to the point that it no longer ran DOS programs without a simulator. So, I decided to put all my recipes in another program and start publishing them on the Internet so I could access them from my phone while at the grocery store.

I neglected to make the site private thinking no one would ever want to know anything about my stuff. I was very surprised to see that I was getting visitors to a post I had made about How to Make a Perfect Turkey in a Nesco Roaster. Apparently, there are quite a few people with *Nesco roaster ovens, or turkeys, or trying to find a method to get a nicely cooked bird that isn’t dried out.

Back in those days, cameras on phones were not that great, if your phone even had one. I had a keychain with a little phone on it. The pictures were not that great, but for the time, they did the job. Some of the really old recipes never had a picture and as I go through them, I’m making and enjoying them again – and taking pictures!

About the Recipes

Considering that some visitors are not from the United States, most recipes have both Farenheight and Celcius for temperature readings. Weight, volume, and liquid values are still in Imperial units but Metric units will be coming soon.

Recipe ingredient brands are brands that the Good Plate uses and equipment has also been tested and used here.

The monthly calendar indicates whether there is a recipe for the item. Yes, it’s the real menu that’s on our refrigerator. It comes out at the beginning of the month.