Marzipan People – Pixes for Cake Toppers

Recipes in this Post Marzipan Pixies From Other Posts Pixie Wings Double Header! Well, today you get a double header. There is a craft project and a great dinner you can try. Originally, I had the recipes for the Chicken Kabobs with Rice Pilaf and Yogurt Sauce in this post, but I decided they needed to shine on their own, and the marzipan pixies needed a page by themselves. As some of you know, I was making stuff for Noelle’s birthday and had at that point only made the pixie wings from hard candy. Now, I have completed the the pixies themselves out of marzipan. What is marzipan? Marzipan is mostly crushed almonds mixed with sugar. It differs from almond paste in that it is more firm, and more suitable for creating figurines. When I was growing up in Germany, there was a wonderful bakery that for Christmas, made the … Continue reading

Making Candy Pixie Wings

What You Will Need for this Project Cookie cutter – angel shape with wing Foil Scissors Vegetable Oil – flavorless Q-tips Silicon bowls Hard Candy Hammer Waxed Paper Microwave Oven Finding A Mold As I mentioned in a previous post about making pixies for Noelle’s Birthday cake, I looked all over to find a wing mold for the pixie wings. Michaels had a mustache mold, but it was not for hard candy. Finally, I remembered that I had an angel cookie cutter whose wings would probably be just right. My next dilemma was whether to use crushed hard candy, or to make hard candy myself. I only needed to make candy for four wings, but I could not find any clear hand candy, so I purchased Jolly Rogers and corn syrup – I could do either one. Now that the wings are complete, I made the pixies out of marzipan.