Bag Holder – The Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Bag Holder
Bag Holder

This is the tool you didn’t know you needed, a bag holder. How many times have you had leftovers or something that you wanted to put in a bag? No matter if the bag is plastic, silicon, or whatever – you need three hands.

Bag Holder Review

Adrienne Boswell

Bag Holder
Stores easily
Holds bags for filling
Less Spilling
Hands Free
Works for all bags


This is the tool you didn’t know you needed. If you have ever struggled while trying to hold a bag open while you fill it, with only two hands available, this is the tool for you!


You need one hand to pour or spoon whatever it is into the bag, and you need the other two hands to hold the bag open.  Two hands?  Yes.  You need two hands.  But, but… humans only have TWO hands. What do you do?

  • Beg your child to help you
  • Ask your partner to help you
  • Ask your neighbor to help you
  • Get your robot to help you 😉
  • Use a tool

Bag Holder Tool

The tool I’m talking about is a bag holder.  Good ones come with a grip on the arms that opens to securely hold the top of the bag open. The arms should also stretch so they can hold larger and taller bags. There are a variety of bag holders available on Amazon, and most come with more than one holder. The one I bought came with two, but you choose however many you think would be right for you.  They fold up for easy storage, too.

This was the perfect tool when I was making Chicken Shawarma. I put the chicken in the bag and then the marinade. Nothing spilled.

By making a cuff out of the vacuum sealer bag, I was able to keep the cuff clean so I had a very good seal.

This tool really outshines itself when you are putting soup or broth that you want to save for other dishes or lunches. It makes leftovers a joy.

Now, if you are using a vacuum sealing bag like the one I am using in the video, that might not happen, but that’s okay. Vacuum sealing bags are specially made so that air can be vacuumed out.  Regular bags, ones that have a sealer already on them, are not. You might find the bag slipping out of the holder, but as long as the arms are holding it up, you are good to go.

Other Uses

If you are like me, you might be trying to reduce your use of plastic bags. I have several silicone bags that I use instead of plastic.  I can wash them and let them dry.  Trying to find a place for them to dry was perplexing. I had an old empty wine bottle that I was using.  Then I realized I could use my bag holders!  I have two of them which means I can wash and dry four bags at once.  That’s a lot less wine to drink and takes up less space, right?

What to you think?

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