Reverse Sear Steak

When you reverse sear steak, you are ensured of an evenly cooked, tender piece of meat just the way you like it.  This method works for both boneless and bone-in steaks.

Almost Eggless Eggnog

If you are not a fan of raw egg, this is the one for you – and it’s a LOT easier than traditional

Chocolate Fruitcake

Chocolate fruitcake is an amazing cake nothing like the fruitcake you might be familiar with.  This moist cake is rich and flavorful.

Spatchcock Chicken or any Poultry

Learn how easy it is to spatchcock, or butterfly, poultry. A chicken is used here, but this method will work for turkey, goose, duck, quail, etc. If it has feathers, this method works. Why pay extra for something you can do for free?

Three Pepper Healthy Meatloaf

Using beef and turkey with wheat germ and plenty of spices makes this a healthy meatloaf that's long on flavor and short on fat.

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