Peach Pancakes with Marsala Rose Butter Sauce

I like to make something special on Wednesday mornings because Spane goes to school late on Wednesdays. Spane wanted pancakes, and as I looked in the pantry to get the ingredients out, I spied a can of peaches. I love peaches, and I especially like them with rose preserve and Marsala.

Rose preserves are made from real rose petals and sugar. Roses taste like they smell, and they are very good for you. They have lots of vitamin C, so I try to cook with roses, or drink rose juice during flu season. I’m staying healthy! You can usually find rose preserves at Mediterranean markets, or you can purchase rose preserves on-line at Amazon or other food websites. They are also delightful on ice cream and a variety of other desserts. Don’t be afraid pf eating flowers, they taste good, and they’re good for you!

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Apple Cranberry Raisin Puff Pastries

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Apple Puff Pastries with Apple Topping
Apple Pastry with Apple Topping

On September 24, 2011, I gave you the recipe for the Shabby Chic Apple Raisin Crostata, but it did not have any pictures. That crostata was so good I decided to make another one, but this time, I got a combination of raisins and dried cranberries, and instead of pie dough, I bought ready made frozen puff pasty.

This was my first time working with puff pastry, other than making Chicken Cordon Bleu a la Wellington, so this was more of an experiment that anything else. I had enough dough and filling to make a turnovers, too, but, I wasn’t paying attention, and they got a little over cooked. No problem, the others turned out fine, and the over done ones will still get eaten.

Let’s start cooking:

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Scrambled Burger Quiche

scramble burger quiche
Scrambled Burger Quiche is my take on one of my favorite meals. Many years ago, we used to go to a restaurant that had something called Scrambled Burgers. I loved them, being a mixture of ground beef, spinach, onion, and cheese. I thought that combination would make a wonderful quiche.

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Bertha Makes Breakfast

Recipes in this PostGood Old Fashioned Silver Dollar Pancakes

What a pleasure to make breakfast on Bertha. She keeps perfect temperature, unlike my previous stove that always had a strange hot spot and was tilted to one side,

Bertha made Silver Dollar Pancakes and sausages for breakfast. Well, I helped her.

This is my canonical pancake recipe. I will never go back to a box again. It is so simple, and you could bag up the dry ingredients and give them as gifts with a note to explain the preparation.

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Dutch Babies and Baked Bacon – Baked Breakfast with Friends

Dutch Baby with powdered sugar and lemon
Dutch Baby with powdered sugar and lemon

Dutch Babies, also known as baked pancakes, are an easy breakfast and make an impressive presentation. Serve them with powdered sugar and lemon juice, strawberries, or other fruit that you enjoy. While the Dutch Babies are in the oven, you can put bacon in at the same time to serve with them.

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Spring is Here! Sunday Morning Cake

Blueberry Muffin Cake
It’s Sunday morning, and my friends are here for fellowship and watching movies. It’s a lazy day, and in Los Angeles, it looks like it’s going to rain so it’s a little cold. What’s the perfect food? Why it’s Judy Rosenberg’s Fresh Blueberry Muffin Breakfast Cake.

This cake is wonderful fresh from the oven, while it’s still hot. I love this with a cup of coffee and friends. You have to make this cake.

In the spring when blueberries first come into season, I buy a box to make blueberry pancakes, which are a favorite of Spane’s on Wednesday mornings when we don’t have to get to school quite so early. Usually, I have blueberries left, and this is what I do with them. It’s well worth the effort.

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