Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving tips

I’ve moved many times, and have also moved a few businesses from one place to another. I have a system, and I’ve outlined it here.  These moving tips should make a smoother move for you, whether it’s one room or a mansion!

Things To Do

Make yourself a list of things to do, and be diligent about marking off when the task has been completed:

  • Send a change of address to the post office. You can do this online.
  • Utilities – call the utility companies to move service
  • Bank, credit cards and insurance – change your address on those
  • DMV – change of address there as well

Making Your List and Checking it Thrice

I’ve prepared an inventory/moving sheet for you to download and print. The sheet is at:

  1. Take inventory first. Write everything down, even obvious things like beds, and small things like a jewelry box.
  2. You can get moving boxes at the Uhaul, or go to small shops like liquor stores and ask for boxes. Liquor stores and small markets often have boxes. Get two or three Sharpies, packing tape with a dispenser, and start collecting the “spam” ads that come in your mailbox to use for wrapping dishware, glassware and other breakables. Staples also has packing material.
  3. About 10 days before actual moving day, put about as many boxes as you will need in each room to be packed up. Mark the boxes on all sides with the box number and the room name, for example, Box 1 – Master Bedroom, Box 6 – Bathroom, etc. Then, start packing things you do not immediately need, like seasonal clothing. Mark the inventory sheet that the item has been packed and the box number.
  4. This is also a good time to decide what if anything you want to not take with you and donate. You can contact PickUp Please and they will come and pick up donations for Viet Nam Veterans of America.
  5. Large items like beds should also have a box number on them, even though they don’t go in a box. This really comes in handy when you are doing the actual moving so you know that nothing is left behind. The one time I did not do an inventory like this, a whole bunch of stuff didn’t make it because my helper had put things in a box the movers thought was trash. When I got to my final destination I was surprised that one of the boxes smelled particularly bad – it was filled with trash – and my items had gone to the trash dump!
  6. Upon you arriving at your new home, since the boxes are already clearly marked, they can be placed right away in the appropriate room. When you are unpacking, make sure also and check the item off the list. Again, this is good so you know that everything moved safely. If you cannot unpack everything at one time, with this inventory system, you know what is in what box. Need the shampoo? It’s in box 6.

Good luck with your move. Please use the comments section below if you have questions.

Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move
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