Antipasto salad with Panino

Antipasto Salad with Panino is great on a hot summer night and sports Panino. With warm garlic bread, you will feel like you are in Italy.

Teriyaki Burgers

Teriyaki Burger

Teriyaki burgers are a little trip for your mouth to Asia. They’re easy to prepare and you can jazz them up any way you want.

Mediterranean Burgers

Mediterranean Burgers

Mediterranean Burgers are my take on Luleh Kabob, only formed into burgers. They have a distinctly Mediterranean flavor that goes perfectly on the grill.

Gorgonzola Burger

Gorgonzola Burger

These gorgonzola burgers are part of my series on Pub burgers. What may look like a lot of fat is Gorgonzola cheese. Gorgonzola cheese is very similar to blue cheese. However, it's a little lighter in flavor.

Barbecue Burgers

Barbecue Burger

Barbeque burgers made with a special sauce and cooked on a cast iron grill taste like they just came off the backyard barbecue.

Habanero Cheddar Burgers

Habanero cheese pub burger

Habanero Cheddar pub burgers are not for the faint-at-heart. But, if you like spicy food, this might just be the burger for you!

Cioppino-Style Shellfish Stew

Cioppino-Style Shellfish Stew

Cioppino-Style Shellfish Stew with cod, scallops, shrimp, and clams is based on the venerable San Francisco classic. Serve it with crusty sourdough bread to soak up the delicious soup.