How to Make an Advent Wreath

Crafts in this PostAdvent Wreath Unlit

Today is All Saints Day, the day after Halloween. This is a good time to get supplies for your Advent Wreath.

What is Advent? Advent starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, and is the time for preparing ourselves for the coming of the Baby Jesus. Just as pregnant women “nest” in the last few weeks of their pregnancy, we decorate our house, put up the Christmas tree, the Nativity village, and bring out the Advent Wreath. For Roman Catholics like us, Advent is also the beginning of the Liturgical Year.

Advent comes from the Latin word, adventus, meaning “coming”. It can be as early as November 27th, and as late as December 3rd, depending on that year’s calender. There are 22 to 28 days of Advent, depending on the date of First Advent Sunday. This year, 2012, Advent starts on December 2nd.

Advent and Christmas Week Days
Advent Starts Days til Christmas Christmas Day of Week
Dec 2, 2012 23 Tuesday
Dec 1, 2013 24 Wednesday
Nov 30, 2014 25 Thursday
Nov 29, 2015 26 Friday
Nov 27, 2016 28 Sunday
Dec 3, 2017 22 Monday

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Tools for the Holidays

Spane and I Christmas Season 2010

Ah yes! The time has come again to get all those tools out for the Holiday cooking. These days are pretty hectic, so it’s important to have your tools on hand, and that they are clean and in working order.

I’m always surprised to see people buying cooking tools that only do one job. A friend of mine went out and bought a Quesadilla maker, that couldn’t be used for anything else, and she already had several frying pans that were perfectly suitable to the task. That, to me, is a waste of time and money.

So, what I’m going to talk about here are tools that you can use any time of year, and that can be used for many jobs. I have all these products in my kitchen.

I’ve done a lot of shopping for you, found the best prices, and best products. This is a no-brainer! You can shop for the products by clicking on the link provided, or the picture, the choice is yours.

  1. Stand Mixer
  2. Food Processor
  3. Cookie Press
  4. Cookie Sheets
  5. Nesco Roaster Oven
  6. Electric Knife
  7. Knives
  8. Measuring Tools
  9. Timer
  10. Thermometer
  11. Mitts
  12. Bowls
  13. Organizer

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Mystery Apple Cream Cheese Tart

Apple Cream Cheese Tart

Apple Cream Cheese Mystery Tart

My friend, Cathy, invited me to a potluck Christmas party, but, what a party. This was a party for the Sisters in Crime, a group of women mystery writers. We were treated to the published authors reading from their newest books.

When we originally talked about this, I was going to make Scrambled Burger Quiche, but I never made it to the store, so there I was with another mystery on my hands – what could I make that would be simple, quick, and stunning with what I had on hand.

I looked in the refrigerator and saw I had a package of cream cheese, 4 apples, eggs and Panko bread crumb topping left over from Cranberry Brown Betty. Amber had made a wonderful Gorgonzola Pear tart for Thanksgiving, and that was what gave me the idea to make this tart. Mystery solved! Apple Cream Cheese Tart coming up!

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