Pumpkin Chocolate Pound Cake

Pumpkin Chocolate Pound Cake. This indulgent dessert combines pumpkin's earthy richness with chocolate's decadence in a moist and flavorful pound cake.

Lemon Bars

These lemon bars are so tasty you won’t have time to take a picture before you eat them all up.

Apple Cheddar Phyllo Pie

Apple Cheddar Phyllo Pie is easy to make with some surprising ingredients. It’s not just for Pi Day, it’s for any day!

Oreo Wafer Cake

Oreo Wafer Cake is a wonderful no-bake cake using wafers, chocolate cream cheese filling, and a cream cheese frosting studded with Oreos.

Chocolate Basque-Style Cheesecake

Chocolate Basque-Style Cheesecake takes the easiest cheesecake you’ve ever made to a whole new level. Still easy-to-make, more delicious.

Chocolate Fruitcake

Chocolate fruitcake is an amazing cake nothing like the fruitcake you might be familiar with.  This moist cake is rich and flavorful.

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