Chef John Farion

John Farion CWC

John Farion, CWC

Sadly, our Chef John left us in November of 2017, just after Thanksgiving. Now he is cooking for God.

John always had good ideas. He would come to my house and find things to fix. He rewired all my light switches so I could dim my lights. He also removed and replaced the door to the refrigerator so it was on the other side. I didn’t like that at first, but then I got used to it, and my new fridge, I can’t do that.

John was really innovative. He was the epitome of an Iron Chef, and you could give him some ingredients and he would always come up with something good.  His standard thing was to tell people to ask him “What’s cookin’?” and he would always reply “Something good.”

I learned a lot from him, and he turned me into the baker that I am today.  He really liked my homemade French bread that I baked every Saturday afternoon, and he encouraged me to try new things, especially chocolate. He said I missed my calling, I should have been a pastry chef.  No matter, I can post my recipes for you all here.

Thank you, John Farion for being you.  We miss you. His friend, Rick Rever, sent me this wonderful poem after John died. 

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