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Olive Oil Sprayer
Olive Oil Sprayers Review

This is a review of the wonderful Olive oil sprayers I recently received. are great for putting oil on foods when you don’t want to drown them by pouring oil on them. This is a simple tool to use and easy to clean.

Olive Oil Sprayers Review

Adrienne Boswell

Easy to Use
Sprays Fine Mist
Environmentally Friendly


This olive oil sprayer is a fun little kitchen tool I enjoy. It has a permanent home next to the air fryer. Use it to spray foods so they will be a little extra crunchy. I also used it to spray my cast iron skillet with oil before I seared a steak on it. The steak did not stick, and I only needed a few sprays.

Olive Oil Sprayers Review Video

This olive oil sprayer is a fun little kitchen tool I enjoy. It has a permanent home next to the air fryer. Use it to spray foods so they will be a little extra crunchy. I also used it to spray my cast iron skillet with oil before I seared a steak on it. The steak did not stick and I only needed a few sprays.

This sprayer is for liquids only. If you want to make salad dressing with spices, the spices will get stuck in the nozzle, and the unit will be useless. Use only oil, water, or vinegar.

The sprayer comes with easy-to-follow instructions with pictures. The package includes a small pastry brush, a funnel, and a small wire brush. The spray bottle has a nice screw-on top, much like a perfume bottle. The bottle has both ounces and milliliters calibrated for you, so you know how much liquid you put in it.

The little funnel that comes with the olive oil sprayer is slightly too small. It fills up very quickly, and I almost spilled olive oil all over the place when I was filling it up. Also, it takes multiple times to fill the funnel because it’s so small. If you have a larger funnel that fits in the bottle, I recommend using that instead. Don’t just try to fill it; you could make a mess.

How to Use Olive Oil Sprayers

As to using it, the instructions say to use it at no more than a 45-degree angle. This will also depend on how much liquid is in the bottle. Nothing will come out for the first two or three pumps the first time you use it, but that is to be expected; that’s normal. When the spray does come out, it’s a fine spray. The farther away from the food you hold the sprayer, the larger the area sprayed will be.

I have not had a chance to use the little pastry brush, and I doubt I will. It is quite small and rather flimsy. I have other pastry brushes which will do much better.

For the small cleaning brush, I have not had a chance to use that either because I just filled the bottle today, and it still has olive oil inside. However, I have other cleaning brushes, and they all do a good job, so I am sure this one will also.

I would not put this in the dishwasher because the parts might come loose or get lost. It will only take you seconds to hand wash. Use a little vinegar and water to clean the sprayer’s top.

Testing Olive Oil Sprayers for Review

In my test, I sprayed a piece of sourdough bread and then put it in the air fryer on the Toast setting for 5 minutes at 400 degrees. It came out nice and crispy, exactly as I hoped it would.

I really like it when using my cast iron grill/griddle to make Pub burgers. Using this sprayer gives me a light even coat oil so burgers don’t stick and they’re not swimming in globs of oil.

Note that this is an Amazon Vine Olive Oil Sprayers review. I do not get monetary compensation, but I get to keep the product and am taxed as income for its fair market value. If you decide to buy one, and I hope you do, I might receive a little commission.

Olive Oil Sprayers Review Video Transcript

Good afternoon and
welcome to The Good Plate
I’m Adrienne Boswell.
Today we’re going to review.
An olive oil sprayer.
And we’re going to
see how well it does
Okay. Olive oil sprayer
you may have seen things
like this a work in a check
this one out. Because
sometimes you want to spray
something for your air fryer or
something else and you don’t
want to use a whole lot of oil.
You don’t want
a whole lot of fat,
and is sprayers a really good
idea for that so let’s open this up.
Okay here we go
it’s got some little
instructions, its
got a little tag on it.
Open it up.
See what we got here.
We have.
A funnel.
Don’t know if you can see that
little funnel for
putting the oil in.
Put it right here.
We have.
And little plastic.
That’s good keeps it safe.
When we actually have oh look
and there’s a little instruction manual.
We’ve got right here.
To take the plastic off this.
And take a look.
And unscrews.
If you’re familiar with a perfume
bottle it’s very similar to that.
This has
milleliters and ounces on it.
Calibrated for you see configure
a how much you’re putting in.
And let’s see we’re
not doing anything but
Oh! Very nice.
I think you can
probably hear that.
A little owner’s manual.
Tells you how to work it.
OK oh there’s a little
surprise in here.
A little tiny pastry brush
I guess if you want to just
Spread whatever oil if you have sprayed
on you can do that you could probably also
use that to clean it.
Is there anything else in there?
Is something else in here?
Let’s not break that.
There is something else.
This is a little.
Tiny brush
that you would use
the bottle.
Like this.
See? Like that. You go like that
fill it up with
soapy water and use the brush to
get whatever. is in there that’s in there
that shouldn’t be in there.
This is what it looks
like assembled.
And I have some olive oil.
We’re going to put some olive
oil in it to see how it goes.
There’s little funnel said
we don’t make a mess.
This is just plain
Extra virgin olive oil
I use all the time.
I liked to spray things with it.
I would like to spray things with
this. I’m kind of excited about this.
Okay, here we go.
Pour some olive
oil in your bottle.
You have to be careful.
Can’t put a lot in.
So you can see
that funnel fills
up really quick.
So be careful.
Well I think that’s enough.
for us to get started
with, don’t you?
It’s plastic that.
that will eventually be trash so.
We’ll put this somewhere safe
so we know how to use it.
We’ve got our little.
cleaner in our brush.
Put that away.
I’m gonna take
little funnel and put it
on here so I don’t get
my surface dirty.
And I’m going to take the top
and stick it in here.
And now we are fully assembled.
I have a piece of bread.
Then I’m going to show
you how this works.
The instructions say
to not have it anymore
than forty-five-degree angle.
which this is about forty-five
degrees so let’s see, and it also says
that the first time you spray probably
nothing will come out and that’s
understandable; that’s normal.
So we’re in a spray one two three.
Oh here! I feel it up! There it goes!
Can you see it?
The little yellow one here.
It’s very fine
as it hits my hand
And we’ll be back in
a few minutes with our
toasted bread be right back.
And we’re back.
Our bread is done.
Let’s have a bite.
So I like this
olive oil sprayer.
Very much.
There is a link to it
in the description.
Thank you for watching.
My name is Adrienne Boswell
and this is The Good Plate.
See you next time.
Bye-bye for now.

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