The Good Plate

Barbecued Chinese Roast Pork is easy to make in your oven and features Asian flavors.  Serve it with fried rice and your favorite vegetables.

This is an easy to prepare dish that feeds a crowd. No need for an outdoor grill.  It's all done in your oven.

Get all your ingredients together.  Having everything at your tip of your fingers makes preparing food a lot easier.

Let’s get started!


Remove any excess fat with a sharp knife and score the roast Scoring lets the flavors sink into the meat

Paint the roast with the sauce and put it on a rack on a foil-lined half sheet pan. Line the sheet pan for easy clean up

Roast it!

Roast at 350 for about an hour or until the roast reaches 145°F / 62°C on an instant-read thermometer. Let it rest before carving and serving.

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