Baking Tools

The Kitchenaid Mixer

This is probably the tool that I use most in my kitchen.

When I started making bread many moons ago, I did everything by hand. I was getting big muscles from kneading, and fungus under my nail salon nails! My friend, Joseph, and his lovely wife, Maggie, felt sorry for me and bought me a mixer. That was 20 years ago, and my love is still doing duty on an almost daily basis.

I like getting toys for my wonderful tool. A few months ago, I got her (yes,  my Kitchenaid is a SHE) a citrus juicer because my neighbor had given me about 40 lemons. My girl made a whopping quart and a half of lemon juice. I poured the juice into ice cube trays, froze them, and then put them in the bags in the freezer. Now I can have lemonaid any time I want!

Wilton Cookie Press

Wow! I just got this great tool after having rolled out dough all winter and using cutting forms. That’s a lot of fun, but, this thing is a real treat! I made 5 dozen Cheddar crackers in a half an hour! Good God! I go could nuts with this thing – no, come winter, I will go nuts!

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