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"The Corner Store" - Fresh produce and other wonderful things

Where to Go? Where to Go?

I like to shop at several stores for house hold items and food. I am lucky enough to have both a William’s Sonomoa and a Sur La Table close to me, and I pester both of those stores regularly. As some of you know, I buy my produce fresh at the local Armenian store – there’s a picture of my store right there –>

Sur La Table

You know, I love going to this store in Glendale. Spane has even helped the sales people put things away. I think he wants a job there! Now, I have Sur La Table products, right here at The Good Plate.


Yes, William Sonoma and Sur La Table are similar, but both very different. William Sonoma does not have a big Wilton baking section, but they do have some really unique stuff that Sur La Table does not.


You can’t buy everything at Amazon, but they sure have a lot of stuff!Everything in my Amazon store is something I have have personally tried and recommend.

On Line Shopping is Easy!

One of the great things about shopping on line is that you don’t have to worry about lugging some heavy thing to your car, and then lugging it into your house. A nice delivery person comes and lugs it off the truck and brings it to you! Wonderful!

So, please enjoy your shopping experience at The Good Plate!

So, Do I Make a lot of Money?

The answer is no, I don’t. I have these shopping pages here as a resource for you. It’s just like if you recommend a good restaurant to a friend, are you expecting the restaurateur to give you commission? Hey, if I get a free meal for the referral, I’m happy, but I don’t expect it.

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