Eggnog French Raisin Toast – Noël en Juillet

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Eggnog French Raisin Toast - Christmas in July

Eggnog French Raisin Toast – Christmas in July

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is eggnog. Spane and I love eggnog. I like mine with a little Jack Daniels, Spane likes his plain. If we have any left, I make French Toast with it. Well, it’s July now, and no hope of going to the market and getting eggnog.

What do you do when there is no eggnog at the store? You make your own. Some eggnog tastes strange – last year I wound up giving one I didn’t like to an unsuspecting neighbor – they liked it, so no harm done. Based on what I made today, I’m confident that this Christmas, I’ll be making my own eggnog. I have a friend who raises chickens, and always has fresh eggs – he even has a big orange chicken that I am waiting to get old – I’ve named her Coq au Vin (seriously).

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Milkless French Raisin Bread Toast and Super Salad at Scarantinos

Super Salad at Scarantinos in Glendale

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I love it when I discover new ways of making things. My friend John, who was Chef at Birds in Hollywood in the 1990’s, brought me some wonderful raisin bread a few days ago. This was interesting bread in that it was thick, crusty – almost like a sour dough.

Milkless French Raisin Toast

I got the bread out, and I got eggs out, and then I looked in my refrigerator and realized I did not have any milk.

No problem, I thought. So, I got a bowl and put some cinnamon and sugar in it, and I got an iron skillet and melted butter in that.

Then I took each slice of bread and dipped it in the sugar/cinnamon mixture, and put them in the butter. I let them absorb some of the butter, then took them out and redipped them, then let them brown on both sides before putting them on a plate.

Spane loved them! They were crispy sweet, with an almost candied coating on each side.

The only thing you need to do if you are going to make this is not get a bread with a fine crumb. It has to be an artisan bread that will stand up to all that.


Spane was diagnosed with Dandy Walker Syndrome. You can read about Spane and my adventures with DWS at the Spane Beeper blog. We had an appointment with a new doctor, and the new doctor’s office was right next door to Scarantino’s.

I have wanted to go to this restaurant for years, but never had the chance. The staff was wonderful.

Super Salad!

You spaghetti meal comes with soup or salad, which one do you want?
Well, it comes with soup or salad, which one?
Spane, the waiter wants to know if you want (slowly)soup or salad(end slowly) with your meal.

So, when the salad came, Spane looked at it a little funny. It was a just a nice side salad.

Oh, that’s super salad.

It took me a while, but finally I started to laugh when I realized he thought he was getting a SUPER salad, not soup OR salad.

Me – laughing hard
Spane, it’s Soup OR Salad, not SUPER salad!

The waiter and I both laughed, and we had a very nice lunch.

I highly recommend you go to this wonderful, family owned restaurant that has been around since 1967! Enjoy!