Grapefruit Tiger Martinis

Yesterday, was girls night out.  My friend was coming to visit me and I wanted to make something special for us.  I had seen something on the Internet about the great fruit cocktail made with vodka and black pepper.  I posted to Facebook that I had gin and that I would post back once I had made my cocktail. There is a wonderful sauce in the same aisle as the Worcestershire sauce, and it is called Tiger Sauce.  This is a sauce that has been around for a very long time and if you haven’t tried it and I suggest you go and do that right away.  It gives our real kick to Bloody Marys! Here’s my recipe for Grapefruit Tiger Martini. Ingredients   1 cup gin Half gallon of pink grapefruit juice 1 tablespoon tiger sauce 4 grapefruit sections Freshly grated tri-color pepper Ice Club soda Directions In a … Continue reading