Marinated Flank Steak Tacos

Corn vs Flour Tortilla Nutrition
  One Corn Tortilla One Flour Tortilla
Calories 40 110
Total Fat(g) 0.5 2.5
Carbs (g) 8 18
Fiber (g) 1 1
Sugar (g) 1 1
Protein (g) 1 3
Sodium (g) 5 320

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I love to find uncommon cuts of meat on sale. I found a flank steak that I was planning on stuffing, and put it in the refrigerator, hoping that it would get cool enough to warrant heating the kitchen to cook it.
Alas, that did not happen, and to prevent that meat from getting freezer burn, I decided to make tacos out of it.

I won’t use taco seasoning packets, they are full of fillers, salt and preservatives. Why pay for that stuff when you can make it at home – without all the nasty fillers and preservatives.

The great debate about tortillas. When Hernán Cortés invaded the Aztecs, they were using corn tortillas. Wheat tortillas are a relatively recent import. Their popularity was driven by the low cost of inferior grades of wheat flour and by their ability to keep and ship well. Wheat tortillas don’t have much flavor, and are probably popular because their appeal to bland American taste buds. But, those taste buds need to change, as corn is a lot healthier than wheat, as you can see in the comparison table.

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Crab Shrimp Cakes with Louis Sauce

Recipes in this PostGarnished Crab Cake Picture by Stu Spivack at Flickr

When I was a little girl living in Germany, my mother used to get frozen crab cakes. I loved them. A few years ago, I found a package of Zatarain’s crab cake mix, and I made it with imitation crab. Yup, you heard me right – imitation crab.

Here’s my thoughts on imitation crab. What is imitation crab? Imitation crab is made from surimi, a concoction of fish, usually pollock, a binder and flavoring. I never think of imitation crab as crab, I think of it as Krab.

I went to the market yesterday, and stood there thinking about what to make for Friday Food. Krab was on sale, and there was a nice package of small bay shrimp on sale as well. Since I was going to be making this for Amber’s family as well as mine, I got both, and thought I would mix them together.

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Cinco De Mayo – Pork Loin Tacos and Microwave Mexican Rice

Flag of Mexico

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So, a few weeks ago I was at the market and there was a package of Uncle Ben’s Taco rice in the Manager’s Special section. I thought, hey, why not? It might be good. I prepared it according to package directions on Tuesday. When Spane tasted it, he made a face. I tasted it, and I made a face, too. I even put Tapatio on it, and sour cream, and it still tasted like dirty, old socks. Mind you, I’ve never tasted dirty, old socks, but I imagine they probably taste like that rice – horrible. Moral of the story, don’t by Uncle Ben’s flavored rice.

After that debacle, I was determined to make good Mexican rice, but my stove, Bertha, is on the fritz. I had to find another way to make it.

I also had a pork loin roast, and I wanted to marinate it, but, it too, could not be roasted in Bertha. I had to find another way for that as well.

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Blue Cheese Burgers

Danish Blue Cheese

Danish Blue Cheese

When I was a little girl, my mother would make blue cheese dressing, and she would give me a little piece of cheese. It was never enough. When I grew up, and I looked at the price of blue cheese, I could see why. Then, I moved to Glendale, where blue cheese is sold off the wheel, and is a lot less expensive. Finally, I can have as much blue cheese as I want!

When I first met my friend Chef John Farion, he took his ex-wife, his sister Katherine, and me to a nice restaurant on Melrose. His friend was chef there, and I had a lovely steak with blue cheese sauce. It was heavenly, and I have adapted it to my own kitchen. I’ll be posting it next time I make it.

So, last night, I really wanted to come up with that same taste when I was making blue cheese burgers. I realized it would have to be the sauce that did it, and it was a hit!

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Perfect Turkey Burgers–Every Time

burgers001Turkey burgers should be moist, and well seasoned.  There is nothing worse than a flavorless, dried out burger,  I don’t care how much mayo you put on it, it’s still nasty. Turkey burgers are one of my favorites, and I just can’t stand it when they are not cooked property.

A lot of people use Worcestershire sauce for regular hamburgers because it makes them flavorful and moist. Well, it’s a little over powering for turkey, but, the Lee and Perrins does make a wonderful alternative, White Wine Worcestershire Sauce.  Quite often I have found this wonderful sauce hard to find at my local super market.  It seems not that many people know about it, and it is my mission here to help them find out!  This sauce is essential to making really good, moist turkey burgers with good flavor.

The other essential thing, I think, is dehydrated onions.  Burgers and dip about the only things that I use dried onions for – usually I chop them by hand.  However, dried, minced onions go wonderfully in burgers, why?  Because they are small so they won’t break up delicate ground meats, and whilst absorbing liquid in the meat, they impart subtle flavor.

A long time ago, the Spice Islands brand used to make something called Herb Pepper – it was great, but like all things too good, they are soon off the shelf.  It took me a while, but I finally figured out the substitute was Herbs de Provence and freshly ground pepper.  Herbs de Provence is a famous French herb blend of savory, rosemary, basil, marjoram, wild thyme, lavender.  It is a great herb with chicken, fish and is essential for my brined Turkey in a Nesco with Injection and Rub.

If you are going to make this, let me suggest mushrooms sautéed with shallots and sherry in butter? A good bun for this is a potato bun as it has a delicate flavor. 

: Turkey Burgers, Perfect Every Time

Summary: Turkey burders don’t have to be dry hocky pucks, they can be moist and flavorful


  • 1 pound Ground turkey
  • 2 pinch Herbs de Provence
  • 1 teaspoon Dried chopped onion
  • 1 teaspoon Sherry
  • 1 teaspoon Butter
  • 1 teaspoon Olive oil
  • 4 slices White Cheddar sliced
  • 2 teaspoon White Worcestershire Sauce


  1. Combine turkey, herbs, onion and sherry. Mix lightly then form into patties. Set aside, covered for about 20 minutes, Heat a skillet and add the butter and olive oil. Add the patties and cook until browned on one side, then turn and brown on the other. Just before done, top with cheddar and cover pan. Continue to cook until the cheese has melted. Remove the burgers from the pan and add the Worcestershire sauce, and whisk thoroughly. Use as sauce for the burgers. Good with potato bread buns.


You could put this on the Weber, but you would need to put it in a pan, an iron skillet would be just the ticket!

Preparation time: 10 minute(s)

Cooking time: 10 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 4

Culinary tradition: USA (General)

My rating 5 stars:  ★★★★★ 1 review(s)

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