Mexican Feast – Coleslaw, Black Bean Dip and Taquitos with White Sauce

Recipes in this Post Mexican Coleslaw Black Bean Dip White Sauce for Taquitos This afternoon when I was at the local store, I had a taste for Mexican food. I already had frozen taquitos in my freezer (I’m too lazy to make them myself), so all I needed was avocado. Well, surprise, surprise my little store didn’t have any, so I decided to make the white sauce similar to the fish taco white sauce at Rubio’s. I also had some cabbage in the refrigerator. I love cabbage and it’s very good with Mexican food. I picked up a can of black beans so I could make the same black bean dip I used for my Black Bean Tacos.

Quick Meatless Enchiladas

Recipes in this Post Quick Meatless Enchiladas There is a wonderful restaurant in Glendale, California, called Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine that we go to quite frequently. The rice pilaf is just the best, I could eat it every day. Dinners are usually served with a tomato and green Anaheim chili that have been grilled on the barbecue. Often, we don’t finish everything, so I wind up packing up the rice, tomato and chili pepper in a to go box. In 2010, I threw together a dish for Teacher Appreciation Day at my son, Spane’s elementary school. I was in a rush, and when I was asked later how I made it, I didn’t even remember. In 2012, the PTA is now putting out a cookbook, and I was again asked about that recipe, so I started wracking my brain to figure out what it was. Tonight, being a Friday, and … Continue reading

The Black Bean Diet Food Tostada

So, Monday I am going on a diet. This is a diet that has worked for me in the past, and it worked for my father, too. When my father’s friends heard that he had gone on a bean diet, they thought he was crazy. How could anyone lose weight eating beans? Well, it all depends on what you put IN the beans, and what you serve with the beans. A lot of people when they think of beans, they think of chili – which may include meat, and may include fat in the meat, or used for cooking the vegetables that went into the chili. Then there might be cheese, and sour cream to top the chili. You might have cornbread, which could have additional fat, and sugar as well. Don’t even think about adding a beer – you were already out of the ball park! Well, I’m not … Continue reading