Wonton Style Pizza

Asian Delights! We love Chinese food in our house, and I frequently make fried rice and Kung Pao Chicken.  I thought we would try something different this time around. I really can’t wait to try this.  When I was looking over at Fleishman’s today for my preferred pizza dough recipe, this caught my eye, and I decided we had to have it. It’s on the Menu As some of you may know, I make my menu for the month.  It makes shopping easier, and I save money doing it.  My son likes Asian food, so Monday is our Asian food day, Friday our meatless day, Saturday is burger or dog day, Sunday is a big meal with left overs on Tuesday, Wednesday is International Day, and Thursdays are Breakfast for Dinner.  So this recipe actually strands both International and Asian days – maybe we’ll have a little left over on … Continue reading