Spinach Balls Appetizer Snack

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A Little Back Story

This recipe is cited from Spane’s birthday in 2010, but since I am making them for this Thanksgiving in 2017, and they are so good, I thought it was high time they had their own post.

My good friend gave me this recipe. I do not want to identify her because of the allegations currently surrounding Sylvester Stallone. Let me suffice to say that I witnessed him, while waiting for the valet to return with his vehicle, with his wife at the time, reach out with his free hand and grab my friend’s breast as we passed them on the way to our car. Yes, this happened in a public place, and yes, it’s true. We thought about reporting it to the police, but knew that she would never be believed against a super star like Stallone. I had never really liked him as an actor, but now, I can’t even stand to look at his face considering how he assaulted my friend.

Spinach Balls

These are great because you can do so much with them. You can add more things to the mix, like sun dried tomatoes, or pine nuts, or even raisins. They are great as a snack, so make a bunch of them and put them in a bad in the refrigerator. They are just as good cold as they are room temperature or even warm from the oven. Enjoy!


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