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The Good Plate is proud to support American Loyalty Card’s Adopt-a-Vet funding campaign at Indiegogo. We are going to supply a free gourmet dinner for four, to the first 15 $250.00 or more contributions.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, then if you want, we will come to you and prepare your dinner. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, then we will ship the prepared meal to you, with complete instructions on reheating, if necessary. So, please head on over to Indiegogo and sign up for your free gourmet dinner for four.

Adopt-a-Vet Gourmet Dinner for Four Menu

Grapefruit Squares

Adopt-a-Vet Presented by American Loyalty Card

Please watch and listen to the video for more information. Even if you can’t make the $250.00 contribution, every little bit helps! In case you wondered, yes, that’s me, your’s truly, Adrienne Boswell, on the voice over.

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