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A little while ago, I posted about the wonderful Android app, Out of Milk, which is really helping me tame the beast that is my kitchen.

I am always looking for new, more efficient ways of organizing my kitchen, and whilst perusing Pinterest this morning, I found a picture of a hanging shoe rack with cleaning bottles in it. I immediately jumped up and hollered “Eureka!” I have one of those shoe thingies, and I have a pantry door, and I have duct tape.

Spane helped me hang it, and then I filled it with foil, wax paper, and other things that used to take up valuable room in drawer. Happiness as one of the monsters has been tamed.

I will be talking about other organizing methods in the future, so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Pantry Organizing

  1. Louis says:

    Thanks for posting. What a great idea!

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