Inexpensive Secret Formula Cleaner

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Today, I was a The Americana at Brand’s Lost and Found trying to get Spane’s scooter that he may have left there. I was really surprised that the base-boards, door jams, and kick plates were so dirty. I told the security guard it was disgusting and told him about the Secret Formula.

A while back I had a plastic spray bottle on the counter, and when my friend asked me what it was, I said “It’s my secret formula”. It became a joke among my friends because they were always surprised at how well it worked, and when they found out what it was, were amazed at how cost-effective it was as well.

The Secret Formula is very inexpensive to make, about $0.25 per bottle, compared with paying $3-$4 for another spray. It kills germs on contact, and it leaves a fresh, just cleaned scent. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s never failed me.

I told the guard what the Secret Formula is, so I guess I should share it with you, too.

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Mother’s Day Breakfast Brunch

Recipes in this PostMother's Day 2013

Well, the good folks at Ascencia have asked me to make Mother’s Day breakfast – for 40. Of those 40, there are several mothers, and I’m going to make this breakfast special for them. Of course, I have to have the breakfast ready at 6:00am, and that is going to be eye-opening, to say the least.

Update – Thanks to my friend, Shem of Kobelin by Shem for taking great photos of the food. She even made me look good!

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Teacher Appreciation Day – Apple Napkin Rings

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I love Teacher Appreciation Week. I love it because it honors the most important people in the world, the people who teach our children. Teachers are underpaid, and have to put up with increasingly larger class sizes. These dedicated men and women well deserve our appreciation. Last year, 2012, when Spane was in third grade, the PTA had a special luncheon in the newly created Teachers’ Garden, and I made a Lemon Wafer Cake that everyone thought was art, and not edible. The year before that, 2011, I made Star Party Sandwiches, because Spane had written about them in a second grade paper and his teacher really wanted to taste them. When Spane was in first grade, in 2010, I made Quick Meatless Enchiladas. I don’t think I knew about Teacher Appreciation Week when Spane was in Kinder, but if I did, I probably made something then, too.

Originally, I was going to make napkin rings for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, but then realized it is not a sit down type of affair, it’s a buffet featuring dishes prepared by parents (and they are ALL good cooks). So, I decided to make them just for his teacher. Part of appreciation week involves the kids bringing their teacher a present of some sort – Spane said that his teacher only wanted a card, and then when I presented him with these, he was happy.

These are very, very simple to make. You can probably find the apples in a craft store, although you might have a take them out of something else. The ones I found were loose and had been on some kind of spray. I was only charged one dollar for them – your mileage may vary.

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