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Goody bag with Valentine card

Every year, I have made cookies for Spane’s class for Valentines day. When Spane was in preschool, I bought bags at Michael’s to put the cookies in. When he got to Kindergarten, there were more kids, so I put the cookies on a plate, and Spane gave out the standard Valentine cards you get at the Dollar store. I didn’t really like the cards, they just didn’t go with my homemade cookies, so I decided to start making my own cards to go with the cookies. I did that in 2010, and again this year.

These cards are very simple to make and really make a great presentation. You might already have everything you need, or can pick up what you don’t have at the local dollar store.

: Valentine Gift Cards

What You Will Need

  • 23″ x 35″ Pale Pink Card Stock Sheet
  • 5 yards thin red ribbon
  • stick on hearts
  • stick on gems (pink and clear)
  • glue
  • hole puncher
  • zigzag or other edge scissors
  • 9 12 inch red or metallic red pipe cleaners
  • zip (without zipper handle) type sandwich bags
  • yard stick
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • stamp pad black or navy
  • heart stamp
  • heavy hard cover book, dictionary preferred


  1. The cards are 4″ x 4″. This will make 35 cards. If you need more cards, get more card stock.
  2. Take the yard stick and place the paper landscape. From the bottom, with the stick perpendicular, make a small mark at 4 inches. Line the yard stick to that mark, and make small marks every 4 inches. Using the first mark, holding the yard stick perpendicular, make marks every 4 inches, starting from the bottom. Lay the yard stick horizontally against the first mark, and draw a thin line across for every mark. Then holding the yard stick perpendicular, draw vertical lines every four inches. You will now have 35 squares, with a three inches left over portion.
  3. Using regular scissors, cut out each 4″ x 4″ card.

    4x4 inch card

  4. Now use the zigzag scissors.

    Zigzag scissors

  5. Using the zigzag scissors, cut around the edges of each card.

    Border cut

  6. Measure out 3 inches of the red ribbon.

    Measure three inches of ribbon

  7. Cut out 35 3 inch length of ribbon.
  8. Put a little glue across and down in a thin line starting at the top left. Glue half of the ribbon horizontally to the top of the card. Turn the ribbon on itself to make a corner, and glue the rest of the ribbon vertically.

    Ribbon glued to card

  9. Get the jewels

    Pink and clear jewels

  10. Place on jewel on the corner

    Jewel placed in corner of ribbon

  11. Put the card under the dictionary and do this with four more cards. That should be just enough to fit under the dictionary.
  12. While the cards are sitting under the dictionary, get out your stamp pad and stamp.

    Press hard and steady when making the heart stamp

  13. Remove one of the cards from under the dictionary.
  14. Make sure that you press hard on the stamp pad, and then stamp the card with a hard steady press.

    Stamped card

  15. Get the heart stickers.

    Heart stickers

  16. Place one heart towards the bottom right hand corner of the card.
  17. Take an alternating color of gem and place it in the center of the stick on heart.
  18. Get the hole punch and punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of the card.

    Hole punched in card

  19. Take the plastic bag and punch a hole in the upper left hand corner, above the zipper area.

    Hole punched in upper left hand corner above zip line

  20. Get the pipe cleaners.

    Pipe cleaner

  21. Fold one in half, and then in half again. Cut at each bend, four cuts.

    Cut pipe cleaner, three inches

  22. Thread the pipe cleaner through the bag, then through the card. Tie the pipe cleaner off and bend it down to each side.

    Thread pipe cleaner through the bag and the card


You can use different colored paper or ribbons depending on the occasion. We used reds and pinks here because these cards were for Valentines day.

Preparation time: 1 hour(s)

Number of cards (yield): 35

My rating 5 stars:  ★★★★★35 review(s)

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Recipe by Adrienne Boswell.
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  1. Jalisa Whitbread says:

    Thanks for helping out, superb info.

    • Adrienne Boswell says:

      Those kind of craft projects are a lot of fun do with children. We had a great time making them, and the cookies we put in the bags were a real hit at school.

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    Thank you very much for the nice post.

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