Get Ready for Halloween 2011

I love the Holidays, and for me, they start at Halloween and end at Easter, with a couple of summer stragglers.   I love decorating, I love that the weather is usually a little chillier. My favorite holiday is Halloween.  Spane asked me today if Christmas wasn’t my favorite, and I said that Christmas and Easter were very separate Holidays.  Although Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day (All Hallowed), it is a celebration for those who are young at heart.    Children dressed in their most frightening, or most ingenious costume, have fun knocking on doors and asking for a trick or treat.  Adults have fun decorating their homes and get a kick out of some of the children’s costumes. My friend, Amber, called me on Sunday and said she had taken all the Halloween decorations out of storage and was putting them up.  That inspired me to … Continue reading

Shabby Chic Country Apple Raisin Crostata

A few weeks ago, I bought a package of dried apples at the local Armenian store, just to have as a snack for Spane. It’s beginning to get cold again, so I’ve been thinking about baking. I already made Apple Brown Betty that turned out a little too brown because I should have removed one of the racks in Bertha. I thought of making a Chocolate Cake with Mocha Frosting, but it got too hot to do that. So, today, I’m still thinking about baking something when I remember about the dried apples. I also had one single pie crust left over from when I made the Scrambled Burger Quiche. Chef Farion was visiting today, so I laid the apples and the pie crust on the counter, and I said, “I’ve got this and this. What do you think?” He gave me the inspiration for a Crostada .

We Moved!

The Good Plate, has now moved to its new home with a new domain name.  We have arrived!  We have our own domain name now, and that will make things easier for search engines and people. It was a harrowing two days to move The Good Plate from its former home over at, and at one point I even got frustrated.  That will now me never to try to move a Word Press blog when I have not had enough sleep the night before.  You tend to forget things, and then get your panties in a wad because something isn’t working the way you think it should. For any of you who might be wanting to do this in the future, here’s the recipe for doing it pretty simply: Make a folder on your computer that is the name of the old word press site, eg. oldsite Make a … Continue reading

Salmon Croquettes and Martini Caper

Recipes in this Post Salmon Croquettes Martini Caper Every once in a while, I make too many mashed potatoes.  Yes, it’s true, even Spane and I cannot eat as many as I made the other night with liver and onions!  A long time ago, I discovered that salmon croquettes were particularly good using a left over baked potato as binder.  I had left over mashed, why not I thought? These turned out so good I didn’t even have chance to take pictures!  Amber and I munched on them while we sat and talked over a Caper Martini.

Oreo Rum Balls

I am sorry we have no pictures of the Rum Balls. It was really hot in Glendale on Wednesday, September 7, 2011, that as I formed the balls, they immediately started to flatten, so I had Rum Pancakes instead. I’ll make them again when it’s cooler and take pictures. On Tuesday, my local Ralph’s had Oreos on sale, 2 packages for $5.00, so I bought one to eat with milk, and one to make rum balls. I also got a package of Duncan Hines Fudge Frosting. Oh, the humanity! Some of you are saying this I am sure, but that’s okay. Rum Balls are made at bakeries from cake remnants, so using packaged cookies and packaged frosting I think is still okay. Even though my Rum Balls got flat, after they were refrigerated, they were still very rich and good.

Shrimp Stuffed Wontons

In this Post Shrimp Stuffed Wontons Dipping Sauce I Love Shrimp! I wanted to make wontons for dinner tonight and stuff them with cream cheese and jalapeño, like I did with the Pope’s Hats. Since they have no meat, they are perfect for Fridays. But, on my way home from dropping Spane off at school, I stopped in at the local Hispanic market, where they had some lovely raw shrimp. So, I got some of that, and when to the local Armenian store to buy fresh cilantro, and fresh spring onions. When I was a little girl, I had a severe allergic reaction to something, and I was tested and no one could figure out what it was. When I was in my twenties, I went to Encinada, Mexico and I again had a severe allergic reaction. Finally, a few years after that, I had one more allergic reaction. I … Continue reading