The Turning of the Refrigerator Door

The Turning of the Refrigerator Door

Before and After

Chef to the Rescue?

My friend, and former chef at Birds in Hollywood, Chef John Farion had come over on Saturday and changed the door on my refrigerator. It had opened on the left hand side. All the refrigerators I have previously had have opened on the right side, and it had taken a while to get used to this one opening on the left.

Spane Gets Caught

Spane complained that the door was on the wrong side, and he seemed to get caught in between the refrigerator and the cabinet. Our kitchen before John changed it is below:

Kitchen before John moved door

Kitchen Before John Moved Refrigerator Door

Then, despite my saying the I was used to it, and that I thought it was going to take all day, John got the neighborhood guys over and helped him remove the door, and put it back on the other side. I did not watch this all going on, I just sat in front of the computer listening to what was going on.

Just Like a Guy!

At one point one of the guys said, “Hey, how come we have an extra screw?” They all kind of laughed and John said, “It’s always like that, there’s always an extra screw when you put something together.” But, they redid what ever they were doing, and found the right place to put it, and hung the door properly.

Kitchen After Refrigerator Door Moved

Kitchen After John Changed Refrigerator Door

Is It Really Better?

I don’t know if I like it this way or not. I’m still trying to get used to the door opening on the right. Seriously, just that day, I had just gotten used to it opening on the left, and now I have to retrain my brain, AGAIN!

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