Memorial Day – Pork Loin with Balsamic Mustard Rub

Moist and flavorful balsamic mustard rubbed pork loin is a favorite in our house. I’m putting chicken on the grill, too – and I’ll show you how to cook it perfectly so you don’t get a piece of raw chicken that looks like charcoal on the outside. I’m making red and white coleslaw for the side. Come on in, and sit and spell. Continue reading

Myriad Deviled Eggs and Boston Baked Beans – Happy Anniversary Amber and Stevie!

How to make deviled eggs without getting that green stuff on the yolk, Yuk! Bean? To soak overnight or to not soak overnight? What is a ham hock? These questions and more are answered in this post. Continue reading

Peaches Raleigh – Rosey Peaches with Ice Cream

Recipes in This Post Peaches Raleigh Last night, May 24, 2011, was the last night of Dancing with the Stars. I’m not that much of a TV fan, but there are a few shows that I watch, and I do try to watch this one – especially the final show. … Continue reading

Barbeque Salads – Red Cabbage and Steamed Red Potato

My friends, Amber and Stevie invited me over for barbecue this evening. I love it when Stevie barbecues – he has a great big drum barbecue and he has my Weber until I drag it home some day. He said “I have a lot of meat, do you girls want … Continue reading