Risotto Corned Beef Stuffed Peppers with Tomato Cream Sauce and Colcannon

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I remember as a child I really loved stuffed peppers, and my mother would buy a can of corned beef hash and stuff the peppers with that.  They were always so wonderful, real comfort food.  I have to admit, the first time I tried to make them, the peppers styed hard, and they just were not good.  I had given up on them, but I really had a taste for them recently.

Now here is the perfect opportunity to have corned beef and cabbage, St. Patrick’s Day. Since there are only three of us, and our refrigerator is very small, I could not see any reason to buy a corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day, but I still wanted a traditional meal.  A can of corned beef was just the ticket.

The cabbage part was not hard at all – Colcannon is great any time.  Cabbage is really good for you, and so are potatoes, put them together – it’s a super food!

I decided to use Arborio rice since it is more glutinous, and absorbs other flavorings readily.

I served the stuffed peppers with a  little tomato cream sauce on the plate and the colcannon.  Everyone loved it!
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