Great Northern White Chicken Chili

Great Northern White Bean Chili

On my birthday, I wanted something special. Since it was cold, I wanted chili, but not any chili. I wanted a bowl of white – Great Northern White Chili, that is. Continue reading

First Dinner Made in the New Kitchen

I must say I am truly blessed.  We found this place on a Friday, Saturday we put down the deposit, and I looked for a stove on Craigslist. I found one that I liked, but the man said that someone else was interested and he would call me if they did not purchase it.   Monday afternoon, we had the keys.   Tuesday night, we were treated to dinner at Amber’s.  Wednesday afternoon, I decided to try to find a second hand microwave, and all I was able to find was a food warmer (well, I did see a “pre-owned” microwave, but it was more expensive than a new one!), so we wound up going to Troy burger for dinner. Thursday morning, I looked on Craigslist again and saw that the stove was still free.  It was just what I wanted, an old stove at a great price.  When I called the … Continue reading