Spane’s Birthday – The Prep

Recipes in this post Birthday Grapefruit Cake Spinach Balls Ham Rolls Big Five Pepper Chili for the Nesco Sweet Corn Muffins Spane’s birthday is tomorrow, November 21, 2010.  He is going to be 7 years old!  So, like every birthday there is the preparation for the party.  This year will be the first one where he gave out invitations. Originally, we were going to have the party at Carr Park, but since it is supposed to rain, Amber volunteered to host the party at her house.  That meant sending out notices to everyone to let them know about the change of venue.  I hope everyone will make it.

The Day is Coming Soon….Part 1 – Brine, Refrigerator Rolls, Croutons

Recipes in the post Brine for Turkey Refrigerator Dinner Rolls Home Made Croutons The BIG DAY is coming soon. For me, this is the biggest day of the year. Why? 1. It’s right after my son’s birthday, once only ONE day after 2. It’s right before or on Spane’s Dad’s birthday 3. It’s the first of the holidays where family and friends get together 4. It’s right before Advent 5. It’s the day that everyone expects to have really good food

Friday Food on a Saturday? Salmon in a foil pouch

Recipes in this post Salmon In Paper Green Sauce Red Potatoes with Sour Cream Perfect Brocolli I haven’t been sticking to my Friday night fish routine lately, but on Thursday, I really had a craving for fish. Friday night, Amber and I walked over to the local supermarket and I looked for some interesting fish. I won’t eat the farm raised salmon.  The first time I saw that it had dye in it, I asked the butcher why it had dye in it, and he shrugged his shoulders.  Of course, that meant I had to do some research and what I found out turned me against farm raised salmon forever.  The following caught my eye:

Chicken and Rice for Company?

I really like Beef Wellington, but the cost of fillet mignon is rather prohibitive, unless you have a deal with your butcher.  How about chicken?  That’s inexpensive! One of my favorite things is the Baked Ham and Cheese Croissant at Porto’s in Glendale.  There’s an idea, make a Wellington with chicken, ham and Swiss!  That’s exactly what I did, and it turned out great.  This would make a great dish to serve for company.  As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I made the dish was to celebrate a small victory for my friends, Amber and Stevie. But, don’t wait for company to make these dishes.  They are very easy to make.  For those who are frightened of “fancy” foods, just tell them you made Hot Pockets,  You could also make a mustard mayonnaise sauce to serve on the side, if you wished. You can get the recipe … Continue reading