Glendale GUSD Parents – I am ashamed

I am ashamed. With 105 teachers getting their pink slips from GUSD, and K through 3rd grade class sizes increasing, I was one of only 4 parents of children from our school who showed up at the walk to GUSD this afternoon, May 4, 2010. There were more teachers at the walk than parents, and that’s a shame. Our children need their teachers, especially the young ones. Classrooms are already splitting at the seams, and yet, five more children are to be added to each class this September. Right now, my child has 22 children – with an additional 5, that will be 27. In 1996, the California legislature passed SB 1777, a reform measure aimed at cutting class size in the early school grades from what had been an average of 29 students to a maximum of 20. As a result, our students have had higher test scores, and … Continue reading