St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

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Spane wearing a "hat" given by Chef Farion

I was so looking forward to putting my corned beef on the Weber, but I got rained out. It didn’t turn out a bad dinner, though. I used the baby Nesco, and that brisket turned out just fine.

Snake Pie

It’s amazing to me that you live with someone for eight years, and suddenly, when you’re sprinkling green sugar on pie crust, your child comes in and says “What IS that?! Is that a SNAKE? I’m afraid of snakes!” Even telling him that snakes are cool, and this was only pie crust, Spane still didn’t come out of the bedroom for a while. I wanted to make it lifelike, but really?

For the past few St. Patrick’s Days, it has been a lovely, warm and sunny day, perfect for firing up the Weber and putting a corned beef brisket on it. No such luck today, but, no problem, there’s still the baby Nesco.

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Shabby Chic Country Apple Raisin Crostata

A few weeks ago, I bought a package of dried apples at the local Armenian store, just to have as a snack for Spane. It’s beginning to get cold again, so I’ve been thinking about baking. I already made Apple Brown Betty that turned out a little too brown because I should have removed one of the racks in Bertha. I thought of making a Chocolate Cake with Mocha Frosting, but it got too hot to do that. So, today, I’m still thinking about baking something when I remember about the dried apples.

I also had one single pie crust left over from when I made the Scrambled Burger Quiche.

Chef Farion was visiting today, so I laid the apples and the pie crust on the counter, and I said, “I’ve got this and this. What do you think?” He gave me the inspiration for a Crostada .

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