Mussels with Asparagus

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Spane comes is and says “What are we having for dinner?” I said “Mussels” Spane looked at my questioningly, and started biting his arm, “That doesn’t taste good, Mom!” I laughed at his antics, and explained I was talking about the mollusk, not parts of our bodies.

My market had a package of pre-cooked mussels when I went shopping, without Spane. Usually, I only want the ones that are in the shell, but they were on sale, so why not? I figured, some butter and garlic would do them well.

Mussels in the santThe mussels we had are Californian mussels. Mussels are eaten all over the world, and there are about 17 different species of mussels that are edible, and I would eat them all. I love mussels. They can also be found frequently washed up on the beach, but I would not try to eat those – West Coast beaches are notoriously dirty. Mussels are also a favorite of star fish. The star fish wraps itself around the mussel, and pries it open with its suckers. Peach isn’t is cute as she was in Nemo anymore, is she? Find out more about mussels at Wikipedia.

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