Barbecued Mexican Shrimp Stuffed Red Snapper Packets

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Barbecued Mexican Shrimp Stuffed Red Snapper Packets, with avocado, Roasted Peppers, tortillas and cilantro

Barbecued Mexican Shrimp Stuffed Red Snapper Packets, with avocado, Roasted Peppers, tortillas and cilantro

Well, our Weber is going South of the Border tonight, and I’m making Barbecued Mexican Shrimp Stuffed Red Snapper Packets with Roasted Red Peppers, Avocado and tortillas.

I’ve really been into grilling for the past few days, Barbecued Asian Pork Chops, Barbecued Fillet Mignon with Blue Cheese Crumbles, and last night I barbecued a chicken. Tonight is Friday, so no meat. But I did have some red snapper in the freezer, and some cooked shrimp as well. I thought I could stuff the snapper with the shrimp, and as I was chopping it up, it occurred to me if I added spices and cabbage, it could become South of the Border.

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Making Candy Pixie Wings

Candy Angel Wings

What You Will Need for this Project

  1. Cookie cutter – angel shape with wing
  2. Foil
  3. Scissors
  4. Vegetable Oil – flavorless
  5. Q-tips
  6. Silicon bowls
  7. Hard Candy
  8. Hammer
  9. Waxed Paper
  10. Microwave Oven

Finding A Mold

As I mentioned in a previous post about making pixies for Noelle’s Birthday cake, I looked all over to find a wing mold for the pixie wings. Michaels had a mustache mold, but it was not for hard candy. Finally, I remembered that I had an angel cookie cutter whose wings would probably be just right. My next dilemma was whether to use crushed hard candy, or to make hard candy myself. I only needed to make candy for four wings, but I could not find any clear hand candy, so I purchased Jolly Rogers and corn syrup – I could do either one.

Now that the wings are complete, I made the pixies out of marzipan.

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Spane the Train Conductor – How to Make a Train Conductor Hat

So, last night, after we had our wonderful Fried Green Tomatoes with Basil Garlic Mayonnaise, it was time to get started on Spane’s hat for the annual chorus performance at his school.

Spane came home with a rather large piece of dark blue construction paper, out of which we were to make a hat that expressed his personality. Spane loves trains – a conductor hat was the obvious choice.

So, I looked for vintage conductor hats for my reference – all the other hats were from costumes for engineers – not conductors. The train conductor hat is similar to an air line pilot hat, but not quite. Once I found one, it looked pretty simple.

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Friday Food on a Saturday? Salmon in a foil pouch

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642_Salmon En PapierI haven’t been sticking to my Friday night fish routine lately, but on Thursday, I really had a craving for fish. Friday night, Amber and I walked over to the local supermarket and I looked for some interesting fish.

I won’t eat the farm raised salmon.  The first time I saw that it had dye in it, I asked the butcher why it had dye in it, and he shrugged his shoulders.  Of course, that meant I had to do some research and what I found out turned me against farm raised salmon forever.  The following caught my eye:

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