Bride and Groom Ghosts

Took one look at her groom and hung herself!

Took one look at her groom and hung herself!

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Halloween is my favorite holiday for crafts. There are so many fun projects you can do. Amber is making Zombie Dog Pumpkin for her son’s pumpkin contest. I’m sure she’ll win. I decided my theme this year was going to be about dead people, as I already have some Styrofoam I am going to use to make tomb stones.

We started our Halloween project this afternoon. A few weeks ago, I found some Polyethylene Foam laying discarded on the side of the road. As I walked past it, I thought, gee, it kind of looks like a ghost. Well, I went right back, picked it up, and took it home. Then when I was helping at the school a few days later, I found some smaller sheets and took those home, too, thinking I could make smaller ghosts.

So, I thought I would make a Bride and Groom ghosts, since I still have a lot of tulle left over from making Spane’s First Communion favor bags.

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Marzipan People – Pixes for Cake Toppers

marzipan pixies

Marzipan Pixes

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Double Header!

Well, today you get a double header. There is a craft project and a great dinner you can try. Originally, I had the recipes for the Chicken Kabobs with Rice Pilaf and Yogurt Sauce in this post, but I decided they needed to shine on their own, and the marzipan pixies needed a page by themselves.

As some of you know, I was making stuff for Noelle’s birthday and had at that point only made the pixie wings from hard candy. Now, I have completed the the pixies themselves out of marzipan.

What is marzipan? Marzipan is mostly crushed almonds mixed with sugar. It differs from almond paste in that it is more firm, and more suitable for creating figurines. When I was growing up in Germany, there was a wonderful bakery that for Christmas, made the Nativity scene with gingerbread, and all the figurines were made of marzipan. It took up the entire window, and everything was edible!

I want to thank Tom Fox for his inspiration, lending me the marble to make the wings, and for taking the final photos of the girls! Thanks, Tom.

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Making Candy Pixie Wings

Candy Angel Wings

What You Will Need for this Project

  1. Cookie cutter – angel shape with wing
  2. Foil
  3. Scissors
  4. Vegetable Oil – flavorless
  5. Q-tips
  6. Silicon bowls
  7. Hard Candy
  8. Hammer
  9. Waxed Paper
  10. Microwave Oven

Finding A Mold

As I mentioned in a previous post about making pixies for Noelle’s Birthday cake, I looked all over to find a wing mold for the pixie wings. Michaels had a mustache mold, but it was not for hard candy. Finally, I remembered that I had an angel cookie cutter whose wings would probably be just right. My next dilemma was whether to use crushed hard candy, or to make hard candy myself. I only needed to make candy for four wings, but I could not find any clear hand candy, so I purchased Jolly Rogers and corn syrup – I could do either one.

Now that the wings are complete, I made the pixies out of marzipan.

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A Crafting We Will Go

The flip flops, Bow, matching barrettes, and bracelets

The flip flops, Bow, matching barrettes, and bracelets

A Girly Birthday

Spane and Noelle are very good friends, and play together a lot. Her mother, Amber, and I sat down a few weeks ago and started making plans for the party. Amber is going to make a waterfall scene cake, and I told her I would make some pixies for it. I will be posting that when I make them made the Pixie wings, as the party is not for another 10 2 days, and now, I have made the pixies out of marzipan. But, we went to Michaels and got some great gifts to make for Noelle. You can view the album of pictures we took to see the completed projects.

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Spane the Train Conductor – How to Make a Train Conductor Hat

So, last night, after we had our wonderful Fried Green Tomatoes with Basil Garlic Mayonnaise, it was time to get started on Spane’s hat for the annual chorus performance at his school.

Spane came home with a rather large piece of dark blue construction paper, out of which we were to make a hat that expressed his personality. Spane loves trains – a conductor hat was the obvious choice.

So, I looked for vintage conductor hats for my reference – all the other hats were from costumes for engineers – not conductors. The train conductor hat is similar to an air line pilot hat, but not quite. Once I found one, it looked pretty simple.

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We’re Getting Things Ready to Cook Rabbit!

Spane with the Easter Bunny on March 30, 2009

Spane with the Easter Bunny on March 30, 2009

Yesterday,  Palm Sunday, Spane and  I saw an Easter Bunny hopping  around the Americana at Brand. The girl who was accompanying the “Easter Bunny”  asked where we were going. I said “We’re going to Sur La Table to get things to cook Rabbit!” The Bunny was suitably horrified, and the girl, Spane and I had a nice laugh.

I love Easter Season, and I love Lent.  Purple is my favorite colour, and I get to wear my purple clothes, purple accessories, etc., from the beginning of Lent (Ash Wednesday) to the start of Holy Week, Palm Sunday.

I also love Easter Season for all the fun pastel decorations.  We have flowers and butterfly gels for our windows that Spane put up this year,  we have a rattan bunny in a little cage that I bought at Ralph’s last year, and our decorations that we made for our Catholic Seder last year, which we might do again this year.

Our Moses with real lamb's wool

Our Moses with real lamb's wool

Some of our decorated eggs drying

Some of our decorated eggs drying

Update: We made our Catholic Seder meal and really enjoyed it. Our meal included Grilled Mediterranean Lamb Chops, Tabouleh and Lemon Bars.


This year, I am going to take pictures of the eggs that I am going to decorate with natural dyes, onions, coffee, tumeric and beets.  I have also been finding interesting recipes for deviled eggs, after all I have to have something to do with all those decorated eggs! I’ll be posting those as we go along towards Easter.