Cat Costume – the Well Dressed Black Cat

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I believe that accessories are everything when wanting to look well dressed. Accessories should coordinate by color, and sometimes texture. There is no point getting overdressed, and just a few things can make a simple dress look fantastic.

When I was young and svelte, I dressed up as a cat for Halloween. I looked good. It was an easy costume because I always had a leotard top and bottom, and I only had to add ears and a tail. I was a lot of different things, but this year, 2013, came back as The Well Dressed Black Cat.

I was working as a receptionist at J. Walter Thompson around 1980 my first time as a black cat. A lot of things were different then:

  • A lot of people still had rotary dial phones. There were no cordless phones.
  • No one had cell phones. Some very rich people had car phones, but they came in a huge box that took up a lot of room. People were impressed when they saw someone talking while driving. Now people are less impressed and look for a place to hide because drivers are too busy with their phones to pay attention to pedestrians.
  • Important people had pagers. I’m sure there were lots of accidents when people stopped to look at their pager instead of looking at the road. Now everyone has a smart phone, and there are even more accidents because people are texting/Tweeting/Facebooking instead of looking at the road.
  • Cigarette smoke was everywhere, even the movie theater. Imagine going to see a disaster movie about a fire, and someone lighting up a cigarette near you. Yup, it scared the heck out of me.
  • Grocery stores had paper bags, and they didn’t cost anything. Baggers knew how much a bag would hold without breaking your arm, or the bag. Now, we have paper bags again, but you have to pay 10¢, and the baggers fill them so much either you break your back, or the bag tears.

I was a cat for a very long time, until I got tired of it, had a child, and decided that my body type could not be a cat anymore. In 2009 I was Cruella De Ville and Spane was PeeWee Herman. In 2010, I became a witch, while Spane was a dragon. I was a witch in 2011, Spane was a bat, and I was a witch in 2012, while Spane was Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. This year, I decided I could be a Well Dressed Cat, and Spane was a tarantula. Here’s a slide show of our Halloween adventures.

How to Be A Well Dressed Black Cat

My cat had a rhinestone collar, and rhinestones at the base of her tail. I had a Tiger Bow holding my ponytail, and a coordinating bow at the tip of my tail. My earrings had brown baubles that coordinated with the bows, and I wore a sparkley onyx and rhinestone ring on my finger. Even my feet, black toenail polish, and leopard thonged sandals completed the ensemble.

Cat costume ensemble

Cat costume ensemble

Method: The Well Dressed Black Cat Costume


  • 1 black pantyhose knee high
  • large bubble wrap, about 30 inches wide
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • needle and black thread
  • craft rhinestone strips or ribbon
  • tiger or leopard ribbon
  • coordinating jewelry
  • black leotard top
  • black stretchy pants


  1. Cut a bubble wrap strips about 1 inches high. Set aside.
    Bubble wrap and ribbon for cat costume

    Bubble wrap and ribbon for cat costume

  2. Twist the ends of two pipe cleaners together and put them in the center of the bubble wrap strip.
  3. Roll the bubble wrap into a long cylinder, flap side down so it doesn’t unroll on you.
    Bubblewrap, pipe cleaner and knee-high for cat costume

    Bubblewrap, pipe cleaner and knee-high for cat costume

  4. Get a pantyhose knee-high, and put in on over the bubble wrap cylinder, just as if you were putting on socks. Make sure that you bring the sock all the way up so the bubble wrap is covered completely.
    Finished cat costume tail ready for sewing

    Finished cat costume tail ready for sewing

  5. Pick up the pants and determine approximately where coccyx (tail bone) is, and pin the tail and rhinestones there.
    Cat costume

    Rhinestone base on the tail

  6. Sew the rhinestones and tail on to the pants in that spot, and remove the pins.
  7. Use some of the same ribbon used for making the bow on cat costume tail

    Coordinating bow at the tip of the tail

  • Put on your costume, your bow, ribbon, ears, jewelry, makeup, and have a spooktacular time!
    Ensemble: hair bow, amber bracelet, amber baubled earrings, tiger ears

    Ensemble: hair bow, amber bracelet, amber baubled earrings, tiger ears

  • Preparation time: 15 minute(s)

    Number of costumes (yield): 1

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